Said the spider to the fly

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Will you walk into my parlour?” said the Spider to the Fly,
‘Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy;

Mary Howitt, 1829

The lure of gold has brought many a man down, as has the vision of a woman surrounded by  gold.  The Secret Affair has supplied us with copious amounts of gold with which to lure …  it’s up to you to seize the occasion.  You have until the end of the month…so the rest of this week…to visit the Secret Affair and gold up.❤

Also in SL news, Rezology is now using a technique for … Read more →

Sweet & Cute

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A babydoll in black.. that sounded like a challenge for me*grins*

I really do have a cute side even if it mostly exists in the shadows 😉


The amazing “Brigitte” babydoll from AZUL, dragged out that sweet side and I really had fun doing something with it. “Brigitte” is a mix between flexible prims and as well mesh body appliers/body layers. The basic dress goes directly on your body weather you use your system avatar or one of the popular mesh bodies. AZUL offers appliers for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Omega. The cute bow and the amazing skirt prims are … Read more →


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A fresh and bright look today comes from Gizza and Magika:


Tracy is a strapless dress that has a patterned skirt and plain top. There are some really lovely varieties, and all come with a coordinating necklace.

My hair is new from Magika – the Heartbeat style.

You can find them here:



Happy Shopping!

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Inkie LoudwaterEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

Click the picture to get a closer view.
It is sadly to say that the season of sunshine has come to an end.
Although we have a nice Indian Summer in Holland it is time to go look for your umbrella.
If and when you are looking for an Autumn themed sim in second life go visit
It All Starts With A Smile ☜ hosted by the talented  Kaelyn Alecto
For rezrights and for support to the place there is a ☞ IASWAS ☜ group you can join.
One of my favorite second life blogger and
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Danna BenoirEvents, Fashion

Shape: N-Joy
Skin: [PF] – Mori / Crystal
Hair: little bones. – Tati  “New @ Nº21
Necklace: **RE** – Sniper Tags  “New @ MOM Event
Sweater: tres blah – V Neck Sweater  “New @ Luxe Box
Short: .miss chelsea. – Effi Shorts & Shirt
Tattoo: .Reckless. –  13  “New @ Ultra Event
Shoes: Livalle – Chyna Lace up Platform Boot
Puppies: [Black Bantam] – Newborn Bulldog Puppies V2  “New @ Shiny Shabby
Poses: Label Motion

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Kinky Monthly Has Gone Kink(Y)!

CherrieDesigners, Events, Fashion


Kinky Monthly is now known as Kink(Y) Event!  The kinks are just getting better, you asked and your favorite designers have answered with even more to add to your fantasy.  Shop some of the juiciest, taboos in Second Life with new clothing, poses, props, and so much more until October 20th.  Don’t be shy, shop Kink(Y) monthly today!


Teleport to Kinky Monthly


1 HUNDRED - outfit, 169L each
AMERICAN BAZAAR - top/thong, 149L each/109L each
AVENGE - outfit, 185L each
BIRCH - decor, 169L each
BITCH FACTORY - cuffs, 169L each
BLACK BANTAM - mask, 199L each
BLACKLACE - lingerie, 249L each
BOUDOIR - screen, 360L each
BREATH - shirt, 169L each
COME SOON POSES - pose, 50L - 89L each
CYNFUL - dress/fatpack, 269L each/2,699L
DURA & MARUKADO - hair/mask, 360L each/269L
ENVOGUE - hair/fatpack, 269L each/369L each/1,269L each
GIZZA - hotpants/bodysuit, 250L each
GIZZA - fur, 250L each
GUTCHI - mask, 450L
ICONIC - hair/fatpack, 269L each/469L each/1,669L
IDENTITY - tattoo, 150L - 290L each
ILAYA - top, 169L each
JAMBEE - skirt/fatpack/boots, 169L each/669L/680L
JUST ANOTHER SHOP - blindfold, 169L
KALBACK - jacket, 299L
KENNY ROLANDS - dress, 495L each
KINKY - pose, 50L
LAZYBONES - bra/panties, 169L each
LE FORME - lipstick set, 99L each
LETITUIER - hair, 250L each
MEVA - top/fatpack, 210L each/1,000L
N RAGE STUDIO POSES - pose, 69L each
NO FOR MESH BOYS - outfit, 269L
PHEDORA - shoes, 499L
PROMAGIC - outfit gacha, 60L per play
PURPLE POSES - pose, 69L each/90L each
QUASI - decor, 69L/169L
REEL POSES - pose/pose set/pose gacha, 40L/69L/50L per play
REEL POSES - pose gacha, 50L per play
RICIELLI - dress, 289L
ROAWENWOOD - chair, 669L
SECRETS - handcuffs, 275L
SPEAKEASY - tattoo/pose set, 275L/299L each
SUICIDE GURLS - suit, 180L
SUPERNATURAL - dress/choker, 180L each/150L each
SWALLOW - necklace, 269L
SYS - bodysuit/fatpack, 190L each/990L
TABOU - collar, 169L
VANITY HAIR - hair/fatpack, 269L each/469L each/369L/1,869L
ZOMBIE SUICIDE - piercing, 165L
ZOOM - choker, 179LRead more →

Itssss Sunday and you’re looking for something to flip…

Cozey DailyEvents, Fashion

Itssss Sunday and you’re looking for something to flip through?? Put that remote down, and forget the Times! Check out your favorite Home & Garden Designers in SL’s premier Decorating Magazine, LOVE TO DECORATE!

Pages and pages of virtual inspiration to create your virtual space, grab the link, not too hard! And have a seat!  

Read the latest issue for September/October here!-

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A Place To Relax

Aerlinniel RoughneckEvents, Fashion

Deep in the basement of our home, there is a special little room which we use to relax, read a book, quiet time, things like that. I just redecorated it and it looks great. Check out the stuff I got from The Wash’s Indian Summer Cart Sale to decorate with. Almost everything on sale at the event is only 10L, each vendor has one item for 50L as well. Pick up some great stuff for cheap!
From Dark Knight Designs, we have this great  Goddess Tapestry with texture change hud on the wall, along with some cute puzzle shaped Autumn … Read more →