Summer Inventory Management – Saved Outfits From July and August

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This is a way of making a visual index of my saved outfits. I save my outfits, first by date, then a short description. I have been doing this for several years. I understand that the SL viewer has an option that does this, where you can put a picture with your saved outfits.  I hope some of these ideas may be helpful to you! Not too many this time, it was vacation time here and there:) As usual many are freebies, hunt items, specials, etc. Please message me if you have any questions.

8-29 Mia lace dress (freebie) from
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Relocation & Giftification

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FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL

Snapshot_005Hi there Fabulous Readers🙂 Today I am showing off one of the three new group gifts that you can pick up at the shiny new Miss Chelsea location after you join their inworld group.  All three group gifts are very cute, but I usually like to dedicate one outfit per post, so I’m displaying the Leia Outfit this time…  Which is a one piece long T-shirt and denim shorts combo.  The short come with a texture change hud too, so you can switch up your colours a few different ways.  This outfit is compatible

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the traveller

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The Traveller

HAIR | Elikatira – Kabrina @ Shiny Shabby;

TOP | Ricielli – Chiara @ Shiny Shabby;

PANTS | ExcellencE – Fluze @ Shiny Shabby;

CIG | Hermony [old];


BOTTLES | Kunst – Booze Gatcha @ Shiny Shabby;

RUGS | Wimey – Wanderlust Teal & Floral Wovan @ Shiny Shabby;

CHAIR | Wimey – Wanderlust Chair Black @ Shiny Shabby;

DESK | Wimey – Vinatage Desk Map [RARE] @ Shiny Shabby;

MAP | Wimey – Roadtrip Memories [RARE] @ Shiny Shabby;

GLOBE | Wimey – Places You’ll Go Globe @ Shiny Shabby;

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I’m wearing…

@ Bon Voyage…
B.C.C HARUNA – Mini Yukata [3] [Maitreya Exp] RARE

@ SaNaRae…
SinfulSky – Burning Roses
{S0NG} :: Placebo~ Nurse Eye [L] RARE
{S0NG} :: Placebo~ Storm Eye [R] RARE

@ The Arcade (Opens 1st September)…
*Tentacio* Doom Girl – Bionic arm
*Tentacio* Doom Girl – leg gun
*Tentacio* Doom Girl – Macaron headdress
*Tentacio* Doom Girl – rings
Moon. Hair. // Reasons

@ Whimsical…
Astralia – Margarita set – mouth harness (pink)
Astralia – Margarita set – RARE feet harnesses

Other Stuffs…
ROQUAI Thumb flower 4 (pose)



@ Lost & Found…
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Look 44 – Witch House SL

Psikotik GothlyCommunity, Events, Fashion

Bienvenidos a un nuevo post.
Para los amantes de las rosas, la tienda ::Axix:: ha diseñado el gacha “SinOfTheRose” para el evento Fantasy Gacha Carnival. En él podéis conseguir esta corona, cinturón, liga, pezoneras con cadenas y este minúsculo adorno para taparse… “eso”.
Y si sois más de calaveras y objetos punzantes también podéis encontrar en el mismo evento estas tijeras y la calavera con anillos en el gacha “Threads of Fate” de la tienda Aii, entre otros objetos.
Y siguiendo con calaveras… las tiendas Le Morte y .random.Matter. han creado en conjunto la armadura unisex tan chula. … Read more →

Primal Tribal

Cryssie CarverEvents, Fashion

It’s Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK and people get a day off. I thought about it but then I ended up working on a picture anyway so I’m here to share it all with you. I guess I can’t help myself.

Primal Tribal

I love this gorgeous bra style Azeb Top from Azuchi down at The Fantasy Collective. The bones are separate attachment so you can choose to leave them off if you wanted to. It comes in six earthy toned colours and is an exclusive fitmesh for Maitreya Lara.

The Fantasy Collective is open until September 15th so you … Read more →

Like a caged bird . . .

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So many people choke on their own words.  So many people put on a fake mask and cry behind painted smiles. So many people build cages around themselves and make their own sentence.

Caged bird singing a dolesome harmony.  The door isn’t locked. Set yourself free.


“Right now, I feel like a bird
Caged without a key
Everyone comes to stare at me
With so much joy and reverie
They don’t know how I feel inside
Through my smile, I cry
They don’t know what they’re doing to me
Keeping me from flying
That’s why I say that…
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